Emilia Käsitöö


Flickri’s nähtud


See paarike vist kommentaare ei vaja. Nagu ikka, pildile klõpsates saate rohkem infot nii esemete kui ka kunstniku kohta.

Ja ühed täiesti VAPUSTAVAD mummud ja ehted ühelt saksa naiskunstnikult:

Vaadake kindlasti! – http://www.flickr.com/photos/annetulpe/


2 aprill, 2008 - Posted by | huvitavat, käsitöö, polümeersavi, silmailu

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  1. Hi Emilia,

    I found a link to my flickr site, which is nice, but I don’t understand a word of your language. I was able to find out what ‘kindlasti’ means, but that was it.
    Would you mind to tell me what you wrote about my stuff?

    I understand German, English, French and a little Arabic.

    By the way: You language seems to be quite difficult… 😉


    kommentaar kirjutas annetulpe | 22 aprill, 2008 | Vasta

  2. dear Annerose,

    Nice to see you here! Your work is great, we loved it much!

    This language is Estonian and be sure it is enough complicated. 🙂

    Kindlasti mean obligatory. And all words that has used to describe your work are:
    This work doesn’t need in any commentary. Click on the picture to get more information about the author and her art. All this unbelievable things belong to german artist *link to your site*.

    And this blog is the blog of e-store http://www.emicraft.com, who deals with polymer clay mostly. May be it would be interesting for you too.



    kommentaar kirjutas eutrapelia | 23 aprill, 2008 | Vasta

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